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Here are some important tips and tricks that can help you, if something does not work:

I don’t see the registration button / I can’t play the interviews
The Button for registration doesn’t appear? Please try with another browser. This is due to the old version of your browser. We tested every browser, when the Version is old, you get issues. We can’t solve all of this issues because too many browsers are on the market.

Either you update your browser or you download a new browser here:


Thanks a lot for your understanding

I don’t get the confirmation email of my subscription
When you are registered, you have to confirm your subscription per email and then you are linked to a confirmation page where you can download your gift. If this is not the case, please check in your spam if the email is there. The system seems to have issues with emails adress like T-online. Please try another email address as well.

Is that an issue if I can’t understand German?
All the interviews are translated in English. As a matter of fact you can follow the conference even if you don’t speak one word of German. Please click on the top of “page home” the English or German flag to get all in the language of your choice.

Do I need a Facebook account
No, you don’t need any Facebook account. You just need a computer or mobile device!

If you can’t open the page:
1. Put the link “manually” in the address list and press enter
2. Mark the link again in the address list and “load” it again
3. Use an other browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.)
4. Click on the name of the expert in the email

If the video doesn’t play:
1. Use an other browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.)
2. Wait a bit and try it later again

If the video doesn’t play on an iPhone, iPad or another mobile device:
1. Test you connection and try to view another video on YouTube, if it doesn’t work, your bandwidth is not enough. Try it later at home with a good connection

If you don’t get the emails with the daily access to the interviews:
1. From the 1.-15.Nov.16 you will get automatic the new interview links sent per email daily
2 . Please check your spam/advertising box and other folders
3. Put us, as an sender in your contact list, with our email [email protected], so that the emails don’t get in the spam
4 .The video interviews are from 9:00 AM CET (03:00 AM NYT) or the next day visible
5. Please subscribe with your real name and best email once again. Click in the first email the confirmation link so we get the permission to send you all the information to the conference. If all doesn’t work, please write us and we will send you the access links

When do I have access to the English interviews?
All the English and German interviews are public and for free according to this PLANNING from 09:00 AM CET (Germany, Switzerland or Austria) 03:00 AM (New York Time) on and for 24 hours.

Please check your time zone HERE, 03:00 AM NYT are:
08:00 AM London
09:00 AM CET: Switzerland, Germany, Austria …

How does the raffle work?
1. Go to our Facebook Community Heal Revolution!
2. Share the post about the raffle of the daypublic and with this comment: „I am participating!“
The post in Facebook starts with the following keywords:  #Raffle #Expert #HealRevolution
3. Send
You get an overview of the raffles HERE

Enjoy & Blessing from
Pauline & Christine