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Be touched and let yourself inspire from the international Speakers, Doctors, Coachs & Authors.
Dr. Eric Pearl, Ina Rudolph, Dr. Paul Drouin M.D., Caroline Cory, Martin Zoller, MaRa Eickermann,  Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Coldwell, Sabrina Fox, Bodo Deletz, Lena Giger, Uwe Albrecht, Petra A. Jäggi, Raho Bornhorst, Katharina Nestelberger, Sonja & Sven von Staden, Kirsten Deutschländer, Michael Monk, Hira Hosen, Tom Peter Rietdorf, Mari Nil, Sonja Szielinski & Stanley Kleindienst as well as Christine Giner and Pauline Rousse and many more!


45 VIDEO INTERVIEWS of international famous coachs, doctors, researchers and bestselling authors
Permanent access to the MEMBER AREA HEAL REVOLUTION
Permanent access to the in English and German RAINBOW PACKAGE with single DOWNLOAD options
All the interviews and practical exercises in Video (mp4) and Audio-Format (mp3)


In the conference the experts explain how it is possible to heal others and oneself with different methods.
In this movie, we give the word to people like you and me who experienced being healed. They relate their stories to give everyone HOPE & COURAGE letting feel you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If Dr. Wayne Dyer would still be here, he would say “Be realistic, expect miracles”


  • “Soul medicine” Video with dolphins & wales from Lisa Biritz
  • Exercise “Bringing Joy into your Life” from MaRa Eickermann
  • EFT (emotional freedom techniques) exercise “Heal Emotional Wounds” from Meire Yamaguchi
  • Angel Healing Songs from Sonja Ariel von Staden
  • Healing song “Just be” from Liz Howard
  • MeditationRemembering who you really are” & the meditation “Connecting to source” from Caroline Cory
  • Video “What I Eat In A Day – Almost Fully Raw Vegan & My Productive Morning Routine” from Dorothy Shelton
  • Video meditation “Connect with your higher-self” from Martin Zoller
  • Video exercise “Heart opener – Dancing with the Angels” from Alexandra Strüven – Easyangels

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  • Breath Healing exercise of Dr. Leonard Coldwell
  • “Be Source” meditation of Hira Hosen
  • Amazing clairvoyance exercise from Michael Monk
  • Video “The power of thoughts” from Pauline Rousse
  • “Check in” meditation from Sara Avant Stover
  • “Arm length test” of Uwe Albrecht
  • “Feeling travel” of Katrin Stigge
  • “Let flow the Qi” exercise of Tao Qingyu & Elke Ahlrichs



Thank you dear Christine & Pauline

The interview with you was a pleasure for me, I enjoyed it a lot and I could feel that both of you are committed with the heart, body and soul to help people for their wellbeing. Great vibrations, good questions and a heartily together during the hole conversation. That was very pleasant for me. Thank you very much and much success to all of us to reaching many hearts.

Bruno Würtenberger

Dear Pauline & Christine. I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction and conversation. Your energy is so beautifully aligned with the higher good of everyone. Your questions were on target and went into the deeper topics of evolving human consciousness. I commend you for your efforts in bringing a much needed focus on healing and consciousness expansion.

Caroline Cory

Dear Christine, Dear Pauline, the flow of your and my creativity together was amazing and really fun! I am already delighted to follow the online conference live!
For this and other exciting and healing projects I wish you a lot of fun, success and many enlightening moments! What you perform is inspiring and stimulating for soul, mind and body!

Martin Zoller

Dear Christine, Dear Pauline, it is the light in the hearts of people which connects us to the unit. You both have this light in your laughter and in your eyes. I thank you for this amazing conference. I hope that many people will be attracted from your light and the glory of this conference. Because there they will recognize exactly the same light which shines in them. Thank you, thank you for your being.

Tom Peter Rietdorf

Dear Christine, Dear Pauline, it was a very nice experience for me to see during the interview how you both could use easily my method to further enhance your healing skills without any training. It makes me hope that people who heal energetically, may have as well such great talents for my method as you both. That would be amazing, because I could help with very little effort, that our world is a little nicer again. I could help healers develop their healing skills in record time. We have only scratched the surface during the interview. And that was great! Imagine what we could achieve in one weekend! I have a great desire to make something together with you two!

Bodo Deletz

Dear Christine, dear Pauline, Thanks for your so high readiness to spend so much time and energy in the “Heal Revolution”. You do it with so much dedication and passion. Success is already programmed. You motivate the people participating at your online conference and you accompany and support them in a way that is unique to me. It is simple and easy thanks to your beings and your flow. You give people a great opportunity to make more with the subjects health and healing than previously. The subject of a healthy “overall system man” at all levels is for our future an important subject.
We are like small children waiting for the start of the conference on November 1st and we are very happy to contribute our part to the success of your “Heal Revolution”.
Thank you from the heart,

Burkard Koller & Katrin Stigge

Thank you so very much Christine and Pauline for a very open and natural interview that allowed us to delve into questions and concepts that do not always have the opportunity of being explored on air. It was truly a pleasure to interact with you and an honor to see how much you care about the quality of your messaging and  your audience. Thank you for allowing me to participate and share the energy, light and information and Life Progress that is Reconnective Healing. Eric Pearl


Dear Pauline, dear Christine, Thank you for your love and your courage to make a difference in the world. Your Conference can reach so many and is also a way of the future to spread the glad tidings that we as human beings are immeasurable, powerful Divine beings with enormous self-healing powers. Through your conference we remember it again. Thank you thank you thank you!
Perhaps our paths are again united and I wish you a lot of love from a deep heart.

Martina Reiner -

Thank you for the wonderful interviews and the opportunity to see you all yesterday. So I could see Sonja, Siranus, Dr. Coldwell, Katharina, Pauline and Petra A. Jäggi. You make a huge contribution to the world. Everything, all love and good and thank you for our connection here.
P.s. Raho, of course, also "I am very touched by all the wonderful people and take so much with me and it shows me that I am on the right way. I look forward to more exciting and wonderful conversations. I like to listen to you so much and translate so beautifully, so clearly, so grandly translated. The melody of the voice sounds so beautiful and inspiring that I could listen for hours. Dr. Coldwell was the most important to me yesterday. Heartily thank you Pauline and Christine for the great contributions. You make me more courage and stay on my way. Because I want to do such a wonderful job and make a contribution to the good of all.

Dear Pauline and Christine
"A grateful and loving heart is a magnet for miracles"

Hello dear one!! ((I'm so excited, this INITIATIVE with all the EXPERTS, the world just waited for it!)))
& HOW HOW HERE with Healing Congress I can only support! Enclosed a portrait sketch. Drawn by a REALLY Talented one in terms of art.

JAROslaw Dariusz Kordek -

Dear Pauline & Christine
As an intuitive expert in holistic health and nutrition, I realized immediately: HAVE TO WATCH! With top experts in the field of healing, Pauline and Christine have managed to make new perspectives easily accessible to all and what would be possible if we were to point out. We all have deep potential in us, to be what our heart desires are and also to be "safe" - the knowledge must be manifold! Like the Heal Revolution Conference. Take your time and look at the contributions - and take what is happening! Enjoy the online conference and (re) recognize your potential! Thank you for remembering who we are and what we can! Great initiative! Best wishes -  Bernadette

Bernadette Bruckner -

The Heal Revolution Online Conference presents in a varied and exciting way what healing can mean for humans.
Different methods are presented in the Rainbow package, enriched with worksheets and practical exercises.
A gift for yourself and others. Thank you very much for your great commitment. Amazing!

Isabelle Dobmann - Life Coach -

Let you inspire with more feedbacks ...

What an amazing conference !!! Great!!! I just look at the first video … You made that fantastic. All the best! Maren

There are really “high class calibers”. Already a big thank you and in anticipation , all the best. Johanna

Concerning Hira Thank you very much for this amazing interview! I am quite happy. Doris

I’m glad! And I’m very excited … You have great people, and some I do not know yet. Good luck and best wishes.Clara

Thank you for your great and wonderful work. Caro

Hello dear ones, it just runs cold and warm, the back down. How do you know Martin Herzberg? He made my 50th birthday a memorable experience through a 2-hour concert. He has become a dear friend to me and to the Berlin Stammtisch. With this music selection I’ve already done everything right. Buy his albums, they are really listening, again and again. Best wishes Cony

Thank you so much!!! Not only for helping me to subscribe, as well for the great work you are bringing out to us all!!! Blessings Priska

I think you are so great. It is so nice to hear and listen from you. A great day once again! Thanks! I just did the exercise feelings travel, in German and English :)! Hilde                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Dear Pauline and Christine, Thank you so much for your fantastic idea. I already heard with excitement your first interviews. They are really very helpful and so great information. Thank you both. I was very fascinated about the interview of Meire Yamaguchi. Thank you for your help. I am very happy to follow the next inputs. Thank you for your great conference and much success. From heart Claudia               
This is all so amazing, dear ones! Big Thank you to you both! Ingrid

Hello dear Team
I am 80 years old. Thought to know everything. Just with love I know myself feeling again secured and accepted. And now I know that I am learning. Learning as well from you. This is wonderful, that I always get help. Love is the most powerful emotion. I want to give you thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. And I hope, that many people, can take in the videos from all of their heart. And then live love. The earth needs this so much. And consequently we all. What a hopeful time you are giving to us. Just like this. This is love. Thank you & blessings. Lilo

Just a wonderful interview with Mari Nil, many information and inspiring. Thanks so much you two, I am very happy for the next interviews. Bigi

Dear Pauline & Christine
Really great your conference that you are doing- my regards. I just listened to the interview with Michael Monk. So interesting and a great translation. Many greetings Holger

So many thanks, I listened to the music and I am so thankful. I wish you all the best, joy to you and all that are gifted by you. Warmly Greetings Heidi

Thanks, dear, Sonja Ariel Siranus, such an amazing interview! I know your story so well, but it is always nice and inspiring. As well Siranus Sven von Staden just great! I think I don t have to say, but I am so happy that your speeches, that was a really nice and special for me! Ingrid

Very inspiring interviews! Jule

Thank you ❤. You really created something very special and Sonja Ariel von Staden is always enriching. Iris

Today I was very excited about the speech of Sven Siranus von Staden. He talked right from his hole heart, just amazing, to listen to motivating interviews. I wrote 2 pages took so much and know that I am on the right way, as I already do a lot since a long time (for example not reading newspapers). I have more energy for me. Thanks beloved ones. Keep up the good work. Love Ines

The interview with Michael Monk was really uplifting and deep impressively and showed me, what is possible. Some experiences I already have had myself, but not as much and spectacular. I think something has moved in me. It stays exciting!! Thanks ♡ Britta

To the interview of Pauline Rousse: It was so great! And I agree with your opinion: we have already decided our path in heaven and here on earth we wonder, well sometimes … :)) Sophie

Thousands thanks for the wonderful musical gift from Martin Herzberg and many, hearty thanks for the great and insight talks with your interview partners. All the best. Viola

Hi, the interview with Liz Howard was very warmly…just great. She just spoke me from the heart. With many easy words and so joyful, she brings the things from the daily life. Each day I learn something new… other ways to see life. Thank you for all you interviews…still staying excited. Greetings Maria

Thanks from all of my heart for the great interview with Micheal Monk, it is very interesting to hear from him, what is possible. A huge thanks for the great translation…I am very excited about your next interview partners. All the best RobThank you. Yes I am participating and very happy about it. I got the information from an experts email. I didn’t know that the experts share all this knowledge. I was amazed. I thank you from all of your heart for your work here. It is so wonderful what you have created and how many people you help, to inspire and encourage. THANKS!!! Heike

Beautiful, beautiful Interview with Eric Pearl… Thanks. Blessings Bernadette

Dear Pauline and Christine, I think you are doing it so fantastic. You two really match together, like a unity and ask great questions, that a listener also would ask. Just great!!! Keep up the amazing work. Love Elke


Dear loved ones, how nice!!! I feel that your talks are very interesting and beneficial. THANKS :). I wish you all the best and much success. Hearty greetings Christina


Thanks for your great experts, many of them I do not know at all, all though I am in the field for many years. I am happy for each day for your videos. Many thanks. You are really great, thanks for all the precious gifts. From all of my heart. Claudia


Hello and so many thanks to your work. It is just amazing what you are bringing out. Evangelos


To all daytimes and nighttimes I am watching, because it was so inspiring and interesting! 🙂 Thank you so much! Ingrid


Dr. Eric Pearl

As founder of Reconnective Healing®, an advanced level of energy healthcare, and author of international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 39 languages, Dr. Eric Pearl travels worldwide educating healing practitioners of all fields in the art, science and philosophy of Reconnective Healing
Dr. Paul Drouin M.D.

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Doctor of Natural and Integrative Medicine, President and Founder of the world`s largest institution Quantum University (serves over 8.000 students in 56 contries) and author of the book: Creative Integrative Medicine. He is an ardent promoter of innovative methods, into the art of healing and is considered a pioneer in his field. Dr.Paul has establishied a foundation of modern integrative medicine for the next century. 

Liz Howard

Liz Howard is Germany’s first KeyNote Singer, Trainer, Coach, Author and Lecturer of Rhetoric. For over 30 years, her stage presence has inspired thousands around the world.  As a renowned teacher, author and speaker she is often called upon by large companies to help in the fine art of healing the communication gap within an organization.  She is also an Editor for Managerin Mag, a business publication for women and she is a sound healer too. Just listen in!

Michael Monk

Michael Monk is a self taught healer and energy master. After many unexplainable miraculous happenings in his life he isolated himself from 2008-2011 to study, pray and meditate in order to understand the mechanisms behind what he experienced. This led him to his understanding of energy mastery and the founding of the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute where he offers online healing and teaching of all that he knows.

Christina & Robert Salopek

Christina and Robert are Authors, Coaches and Psychic (clairaudient, sensitive, clairvoyant). They guide Europe-wide workshops to holistic Health and consciousness development. Christina has especially acess to the angels, symbolic and healing energy of Maria Magdalena. Robert is Mental- and Hypnosiscoach, Speaker and Bestseller Author. They want to motivate you to listen to the voice of your heart.
Bruno Würtenberger


Bruno Würtenberger is a swiss editorial Journalist, Author and researcher of consciousness. He has developed the empiric and holistic research of consciousness training FreeSpirit® after over 30 years of researching. Bruno is an original revolutionist speaker about a new spirituality and world view beyond religion and esoteric. He was invited as an peace worker to Serbia and spoke for the Vienna head office of the UNO on the occasion of the world peace day. He believes, that healing is always possible.
Bodo Deletz

As the author of the Ella Kensington book series with over one million books sold and 35,000 seminar participants, Bodo Deletz belongs to the most successful coaches in Germany for 30 years. He is not only an author or a coach , but a developer of innovative Self coaching concepts for people who want to build a happy, successful and healthy life .

Christoph A. M. Henninger

Christoph A. M. Henninger is health researcher and developed a shortcut with his well being strategy SVEN to private and professional success.He learned from scientist and intuitive healers from the indigenous people of the world about natural nutrition, exercise, relaxation and success strategy since 1989. Christoph shares his knowledge in workshops and coachings novice, doctors and health experts.

MaRa Eickermann

MaRa Eickermann works all over the world, in her first founded first Fire of Tradition Lightcenter – Château Amritabha in France, in Santa Fe (USA) and in Bonn (Germany). She has trained to this day hundreds of spiritual consultants, teachers and masters from many different countries. Experience with her joy, happiness, love, truth, deep understanding and enlightenment.

Martin Herzberg

Martin Herzberg is passionate improvisation musician and pianist. He does moving music to dream, to meditate on and let life flow. In his public and private concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland inspire many people with his exceptionally music. He shares his “Lifelines of music” in YouTube, Albums, Singles and sheet of music, so that you can experience his touching healing music and singing.

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is a Best-selling author, Researcher and Lecturer for example of the book “What doctors don`t tell you. Her work has rightly been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality“. Lynne can help you to transform your health and your life with extraordinary discoveries she made researching medicine and physics over the past 20 years. Sie is one of World’s 100 most spiritually influential people.

Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox has practical experience with holistic topic since over twenty-five years. She is Author of 13 books, a popular Speaker and experienced Coach. Sabrina warmth and humor, compassion and clarity inspire her reader and audience. She has successfully completed as a clinical hypnosis therapist, is an meditator, conflict coach and has studied sculptor and singing.


Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary author and the founder of the OMnium Method™. Her work helps uplifting the human spirit as a collective, through teaching, coaching, healing as well as creative and artistic means in order to enhance its inherent divine qualities: Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. For her it is the only chance for truly evolved civilization that is based on alturism, oneness and unconditional love.


Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller, is an internationally acclaimed mentalist, psychic and remote viewer. He has resolved many mysteries like locating a missing airplane and helping to find missing people. He helps his clients finding answer to business, relationship, personal and spiritual issues. Martin is the author of 7 books about the sixth sense, the power of intuition and much more, 4 meditation CDs and several TV documentaries.

Hira Hosen

Hira Hosen is here to catalyze the great shift of global Ascension on Earth. She is a certified teacher of the School of Remembering©. Hira believes that through the practice of methods taught in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops, we have the opportunity to greatly deepen our path of awakening to our true nature. Hira is honored and full of bliss to share these teachings of ascension with you.

Britta C. Lambert

Britta C. Lambert is Psychic and an intuitive Healer, she helps people to help themselves with distance courses, training’s, spiritual seminar journey and coaching. She researched in different mystery schools, cultures and learned worldwide from scientists, healers and shamans. Britta can you to develop your highest potential and bring it to live.

Lena Giger

Lena Giger is a cristal child and is living her calling with her heart. She consuls, coach and is activ as an speaker. Lena has written 3 books  “For You and Your Heart – Go Your Way”, “We Cristal Children – Love, Faith & Truth”, “Always in love again- for happy relationships full of closeness.” Lena is guest in Talkshows and gives Seminares to the topic open your heart, harmonic relationship, Love, inner guidance and much more.

Meire Yamaguchi

Meire Yamaguchi is a natural therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy-QHHT Practitioner, Holistic Naturopath and mental training coach since over 30 years. Meire gives conferences on self-development and spirituality. She is glad to share her knowledge about really important things like health, emotions, wisdom and spirituality!

Kelley Kosow

Kelley Kosow is a Master Integrative Life Coach & CEO of The Ford Institute. She is a leader and teacher of emotional education, shadow work, and personal mastery. The real reason she does this work is because she is passionate about giving people what she has – Liberation!

Marc Gray

Marc Gray has done many interviews and has contact with extraterrestrial life. He works with different UFO-community and reseracher together. Marc is in demand as a Speaker in Radio shows in France, Canada and more (like for example UFO Conscience, l’OVNI Show, Project Freedom RadioNetwork, Frequence Evasion). He has helped organize the first conference about “extraterrestrial life” in Paris (France).

Alexandra Strüven

When Alexandra Strüven was diagnosed with brain cancer, the angles came back to her consciousness from her childhood. Since then  she is on her spiritual healing way and has written the book “Let us talk about angles”. She shares her knowledge in workshops with the purpose to reconnect  the human beings with their once naturally contact with the angelic energy. Alexandra shows how the angles frequency can bring joy, love, presence, light and health to every moment.

Markus Rothkranz


Markus Rothkranz is an Health Expert, Author, Artist, Film Director und Motivational Speaker. He healed him self more than 20 years ago, since then he has the vision to heal the world one soul at a time. Markus inspires millions of people all over the world to a healthier life, full of love and sucess. He is author from many books like “Heal Yourself” and “The Prosperity Secret”. Markus believes in the Magic of love that can change the world, let him help you.

Pauline Rousse

Pauline Rousse is a Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Entrepreneur. She likes to work face to face in different languages with her coachees. She supports you on your healing path by combining successfully coaching, meditation and energetic healing. At the same time, she organizes live and offline projects such as the “Heal Revolution Conference”. Healing happens, in her opinion very easy and naturally.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is a leading expert of cancer. After sixteen years as a General Practitioner in Europe, he left general practice to concentrate on his research for stress related diseases, with particular emphasis on cancer and other “incurable” diseases. He is the author of eight bestselling books, countless articles and hundreds of self-help audio programs. He has more than seven million Readers with his self-help newsletter. Over two million people have attended his life enhancing seminars.

Remo Rittiner




Remo Rittiner is graduated Ayur Yoga-Teacher and -Therapist since 1996, he opened the Ayur Yoga Center in Zürich in 1997. As a Yogateacher-Trainer he began in 2000. He teaches and developed the Nadi-Musclefunction therapy sucessfully in workshop since 2000. Remo works international in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Thailand.

Oazis Zoller

Oazis Zoller is Researcher, Author and an international lecturer (of Isomorphism wisdom, electromagnetism and consciousness) since over 20 years. She is a member at the Science and Consciousness Institute in Israel. Oazis knows the needed spiritual process to manifest everything in the material world: She supports you to understand the laws of the Universe to achieve your dreams and deepest wishes, enjoying clarity and order in life according to the laws of harmony.

Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke is Seminarleader Psychotherapist and Bestseller Author. He established  a practice of holistic psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and alternative healing knowlege since more than 20 years ago. In his treatment he helps people with the vegan nutrition, fasting and his books “Disease as a symbol”, “Everyday Initiations” and “Mandalas for Meditation” and many more in. He is one of the most known holistic doctor and he tells you about the missing part of the mainstream medicine.

Uwe Albrecht

Uwe Albrecht is Doctor, Researcher, Philosoph, Coach, visionary and developer from innerwise. More than 140,000 people are using innerwise worldwide. He is father von eight children and a bestselling author from more then ten books in several languages. Passionate about his life-task he has created with innerwise a healing-and developing system, that goes all over the world and has helped many people. Imago is part of innerwise. Uwe lives in Germany and California.

Sonja Szielinski & Stanley Kleindienst

Sonja Szielinski and Stanley Kleindienst are Ibiza-Lovers. Sonja is an Author, Theta Healer and Life-Coach. She helps you in your spiritual development, such as the integration in daily life. Stanley loves to make a positive change for humans and nature. He is a Vegan Fashion Designer at VEGATAR – The Vegan Avatar and Natureletics Coach. He shares his special skills about delicious, vegan nutrition and full-body workouts with you in his limited coachings.

Tao Qingyu & Elke Ahlrichs

Tao Qingyu practices Zhineng Qigong since over 20 years. After his graduation he worked in the Huaxia healing centre in 1999. From 2000 he travels as a Teacher and Healer through China, Hong Kong and now even worldwide to teach Zhineng Qigong. Many people could experience healing with this method. He deeply wishes to enable everyone to enjoy life and be happy, free and healthy.

Elke Ahlrichs practiced Qigong since 1994. After being diagnozed with cancer, she discovered Zhineng Qigong and started her education training in China and USA. She translates Master Tao during workshops and treatments in Europe and she is giving training and treatments at the Zhineng Qigong Akademie.



Lisa Biritz

Lisa Biritz is a dolphin whisperer, author of several books, for example: “The Opening” and “Soul Medicine”. She traveled the world and learned shamanic healing work. Born in the Netherlands, the mother of twins lives on Hawaii and accompanies people to encounter free and wild dolphins as well as with shamanic work. „The focus of my work are love and a joy for life as well as a free and open spiritual path for normal, modern people in everyday life.“

Raho J. Bornhorst

Raho Bornhorst is a sucessfull spiritual Teacher, CEO, Coach and Author. He gives seminars and retreats for sucess, personal development, an annual training to become an independent entrepreneur, InnerChi (Fire of life) Retreats, education for sucess-coaching and much more. Raho supports you, if you´re a CEO, coach or novice to find the best ways to your sucess, love, fulfillment, freedom and health from within your own heart.
Christine Giner & Christian Reckermann

Christine Giner

Christine Giner and M.Christian Reckermann share with Priya Yoga (be loved and conected) – Dance your Life how meditation and mindfulness can help to activate your health. Christine is training staff in holistic Nursing and she is a professional teacher and Yoga therapist. Christian ist Personal Assistent, Yogi and trained in the energy work Matrix-Inform®. It is a pleasure for them to coach and inspire thousands of people with their knowlege to a healthy and happy life.

Ina Rudolph

Ina Rudoph loves to bring all of her talents under a roof. Her heart beats especially for coaching, writing and reading since 10 years. All matches to the best together and enriches each other. She shares her knowledge also in workshops about the work of Katie Byron and her books ” Go out to the live full of impact-12 experiment, how you can have an easy going life” and “Yes, I want to let go, but what do I hold on then?”.

Katharina Nestelberger

Katharina Nestelberger wanted to be an artist of life since she was 14 years old. Today she lives and does all what makes her excited-in each moment. She knows, that every person has a powerful force, to discover oneself and to give everything in this live. Katherina is here to help people to love themself, to develop, to experience true love, success and fulfilment.
Tom Peter Rietdorf

Tom Peter Rietdorf is a Healer, Psychic, Coach, Author and developer. You can deepen your knowledge to be a Kahi-Healing practitioner, in aura-chirurgic, in the breussmassage, hand and foot reflexology, to divert toxicant, heavy metal and mycosis. He gives speeches, workshops, seminar and spiritual journey to power places of the earth as a novice, traditional healer, therapist and Kahi-Healing practitioner.
Sonja & Sven von Staden

Sonja and Siranus Sven von Staden live their dream: in Ibiza. Sonja helps you to live your real potential and remembers you that living is joy. She is a holistic Artist, Author, Workshop-leader and spiritual Teacher. Siranus is an expert of personal inner growth, founder of the Transformations- and Healing methods „Quantum Energy“ that is proven by ten-thousands, Bestseller Author of 25 Book and Audio-Books such as a Key-Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

Sara Avant Stover

Sara Avant Stover is a teacher of feminine spirituality and empowerment, bestselling author, and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. After a cancer scare in her early twenties, Sara moved to Thailand, embarked on a decade-long healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia, and went on to uplift tens of thousands of women worldwide. Sara has also been featured in Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Natural Health and on ABC, NBC and CBS.

Petra Alexandra Jäggi

Petra Alexandra Jäggi shows you with her Aroma-School (Young Living – 100% essential oils) how to open up your heart. You learn to follow you own heart, to be confident and to live your calling with smoothness, to be happy and full field finding you inner home. It is a great pleasure for her to see sparkling and powerful people. To heal hearts. To heal your heart.

Mari Nil

Mari Nil is a spiritual teacher and healer. She leads regularly meditation groups, seminars, retreats and workshops. In addition to her energy work she consults for project developments and strategic communication for agencies and companies. She currently offers healing programs, lectures, training programs and seminars in many parts of the world.

Kirsten Deutschländer

Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer is a holistic doctor and medicine specialist of the information medicine of the future. She is the leader of a prevention clinic, water expert, holds speeches and seminars to the topic the source of the life-the secret of the self-healing. Activate your health through the power of your mindfulness (positive psychology, visualisation, yoga, meditation) and using the energies of nature (sun, living water, optimal nutrition).

Burkard Koller & Katrin Stigge

Burkhard Koller is an engraver, water researcher and soul speaker. As an engraver, he is a craftsman and artist. As a water researcher, he walks on new paths and talks to the soul of the water. As a soul speaker, he talks to the souls of the people. In the connection to everything, oneness, he lives his vision „courage to explore new ways“. Katrin Stigge is Mentor and supports Burkhard with his calling.

Dorothy Shelton

Dorothy Shelton is an author, traveler, nutrition lover, knowledge seeker, dancer and infinite being. I love sharing knowledge and inspiring others to thrive and be happy. With her blog and videos, she can inspire you to eat more healthy and to focus on the positive aspects of life; like the relationships we keep, the stunning destinations in our world and the beauty of simply being alive.


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No, unfortunately not. I also find the idea great to make a collector box of DVDs. However, the production costs would be high and the price would be multiplied.

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