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Heal Revolution

01-15 November 2016 – Free online conference

“Health is more than a destination, it is a way of life!”

Be inspired by 45 top experts!
Discover how you can heal cancer, depression, allergies etc.
with amazing alternative methods.

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You’re right here, if you want to heal yourself and others, as an expert or a novice.The conference gives you highly relevant expertise from worldwide known healing experts in form of video interviews and exercises like meditation, nutrition tips and energy work.



Video interviews


Our experts


Dr. Eric Pearl 

Founder of the Reconnection, Author & Trainer

Healing with Reconnective Healing


Sabrina Fox

Coach, Author & Practical Spirituality

Healing with Body Blessings & Barefooted


Leonard Coldwell

Revolutionary Cancer Specialist

Healing with Consciousness & Nutrition


Ina Rudolph

Actress, Author & the Work Coach

Healing with Mindfulness & Mindset


Dr. Paul Drouin M.D.

Homeopath, Acupuncturist & Quantum Naturopath

Healing with Integrative Medicine


Caroline Cory

Film Maker, Spiritual Speaker & Coach

Healing with Energy Medicine & Consciousness


Remo Rittiner

Yoga Therapy Expert & Bestseller Author

Healing with Yoga & Meditation


Katharina Nestelberger 

Spiritual Healer & the Art of Living

Healing with Emotions


Liz Howard

Consultant, Coach & Singer

Healing with Sounds


Martin Zoller

Worldwide known Psychic & Spiritual Guide

Trust & follow your Intuition to Heal


Oazis Zoller

Researcher & Author

Healing with Isomorphic Wisdom


Tom Peter Rietdorf

Psychic, Coach, Author & Naturalist

Kahi-Healing with perfection


Michael Monk

Avatar Inventor & Energy Master

Healing with Energy & Awakening


Hira Hosen

Buddhist Zen Nun &
Teacher of the Heart 

Healing with Meditation & Energy Work


Dr. Ruediger Dahlke 

Medical Doctor, Bestseller Author & Workshop Leader

Healing with Energy Medicine & Fasting


Sonja Ariel & Sven von Staden

Spiritual Teachers, Trainers, Authors & Coach

Unleash your real potential & your joy for life


Christina & Robert Salopek

Health & Consciousness Movement

Healing with Mediality & Spirituality


Britta C. Lambert  

 Psychic & Intuitive Healer

Healing with Conscious & Love


Markus Rothkranz

Health Expert, Author & Motivational Speaker

Healing the world one soul at a time


Sara Avant Stover

Spiritual Teacher & Bestseller Author

Healing with Yoga & Meditation 


Bruno Würtenberger

Author, Founder & Developer of FreeSpirit®

Healing through consciousness & www.brunowü


Lena Giger

Crystal Child, Author & Heart Coach

Healing Emotions & Relationships


Uwe Albrecht 

Doctor, Innerwise Inventor & Instructor

Healing with the Intuition


Petra A. Jäggi 

Heart Revolution Creator & Aroma School Leader

Healing with Aromatherapy


Bodo Deletz

Workshop Leader & Author

Healing with Energy Medicine


Meire Yamaguchi

Author, EFT & QHHT Practitioner

Healing with Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Technique


Sonja Szielinski & Stanley Kleindienst

Vegatar Lifestyle & Coach

Theta-Healing & Spirituality


Mari Nil

Artist, Healer & Author

Healing with Awakening & Angels


                                    Christoph A. M. Henninger

Holistic Health Researcher with his strategy SEVEN

Healing with maximum private & professional wellbeing


Kelley Kosow

Integrative Master Coach & CEO of the Ford Institute

Healing with Emotions & Shadow Work


Tao Qingyu & Elke Ahlrichs

Zhineng Qigong Teacher, Master & Seminar leader interpreter

Healing with Qigong


Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer

Prevention clinic leader to the way of self-healing

Healing with Water & Information medicine &


MaRa Eickermann

Spiritual Teacher & Alpha Chi Instructor

Healing with Joy


Marc Gray

UFO Researcher & Expert

Healing with Insight


Lisa Biritz

Shaman, Dolphin & Whale Ambassador

Healing with Animals & Spirituality


Burkhard Koller &
Katrin Stigge

Soul Speaker, Water Researcher, Healer & Mentor

Healing with Courage for new ways


Martin Herzberg

Piano Music to move & dream

Healing with Music


Alexandra Strüven

Speaker, Coach & Angel Ambassador

Healing with Angels & Meditation


Raho Bornhorst

Author, Inner-Chi Master & Coach

Healing with Self-Development


Dorothy Shelton

Artist of Life, Blogger
& Coach 

Healing with Joy & Nutrition


Lynne McTaggart

Health Researcher & Bestseller Author

Healing with Science & Spirituality


Pauline Rousse

Life Coach & Reconnective Healing Practitioner®

Healing with Coaching, Energy & Meditation


Christine Giner & M.Christian Reckermann

Nurse, Yoga Therapist & Matrix-Inform® Practitioner

Yoga, Meditation & Quantum-Healing

Welcome! We are pleased that you are here!

Join us and let yourself inspire with the first online Heal Revolution Conference of this kind.

Discover with us, how HEALING can be simple!

Revolutionary healing stories from 45 professionals and competent experts that have cured themselves and others
Amazing unconventional knowledge and techniques that can cure cancer, skin diseases, depression, allergies and apparently incurable diseases
Incredible healing experiences from top experts from all around the world (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England and USA)
Worldwide known experts with whom you would like to work to heal yourself and others
The life work from international experts: their books, seminars, trainings and courses

Brand new methods and healing secrets to inspire you in your daily life

Conference process & timing

1. Sign up for the Heal Revolution Conference for FREE!

2. Receive in advance all important information about the conference by e-mail!


3. From the 01.- 15. Nov. 2016, you will get daily access to the online video interviews from the experts for 24 hours!


Welcome to the world of Pauline & Christine!

We both help people to become healthier. We observe that extraordinary healing methods are taking place in hospitals and doctors, but in our opinion there is still much more to do.

In this Heal Revolution Conference we will inform you, as an expert or novice, about unconventional healing methods such as energy-work, nutrition, coaching, healing with frequencies, music and much more.

Let us all awake, be responsible for our own health and act in love for the healing of the world!

Why you have to participate at the conference …


Our revolutionary partners

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